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CLIL & ICT workshop of our 2BHME with the guest students from Birmingham

Wednesday, 15/02/2017: Q&A about school, technology, business, economics, and life in general

UK students and Austrian students interviewing each other

Groups consisting of two Austrians and two or three British students were formed. Each group was free to choose its own topics and was asked to prepare interesting questions for the other groups. The only requirement was that the questions had to be fun and entertaining. The students took turns in interviewing each other. In the end, every student recorded an approximately five-minutes long interview. Smartphones and tablets were used for recording and the files have been stored on Dropbox for later usage. The students had a terrific time together.

Special thanks to Mr Rudi Razka and Mr Günter Kapucian for the international coordination of the partnership.

A report by Werner Bisich, WS-organiser.

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