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< CLIL & ICT workshop of our 2BHME with the guest students from Birmingham

Integration in the workshop of our guest students from Birmingham

v.l.n.r.: Mr. Amar Chouhan from Birmingham and Dejan Novakov from class 2AFME

Since February this year, three guest students from our partner school in Birmingham have been integrated into the class of 2AFME. Each week they take part in the workshop of the class and its activities. Here is what Amar Chouhan had to say about his collaboration with his Austrian classmate Dejan Novakov from the 2AFME class during one of these workshops:

In this workshop I was able to pair up with one of my classmates, Dejan. Having a classmate with me meant it was very helpful as I was unexperienced when using the lathe. When using the lathe Dejan was able to tell me how to use the machine in a step by step process. This meant that next time I will use a lathe I will have a better understanding of how it operates. As well as that we exchanged technical information about the machine in both German and English. In this workshop we were able to use the lathe in order to reach a certain stage of a component that is part of a project.

Special thanks to the head of the department Mr. Kurt Salzmann, the head of the workshop- department Mr. Josef Niederberger and to the workshop teachers for the opportunity of this educational exchange.

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