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Not just learning internationally

Reise nach London

Do you know the best way to practise a second language? It’s going abroad and using as much time as possible to speak with native speakers. In order to give their English skills a huge boost for the final exams, the 5th form students of the Industrial Engineering department travelled to London. 

We spent seven days there at the end of November and attended classes for five days. During this time, we were learning some interesting idioms and slang to understand everyday English at the English school. As we stayed with host families, we were able to learn even a bit more by telling them about our daily experiences. For example, we stayed with an open-hearted host who asked us lots of questions and really cared about us.

Not only does traveling to a foreign country improve your language skills, it also offers the opportunity to explore cities, food and culture. A notable example of impressive art is the National Gallery, which our classes visited. It is great fun to look at beautiful paintings from different eras and try to interpret them. For the more music-interested students, the musical “Mamma Mia” was probably the highlight of the week. As the museums in London are free, we also visited the Science-Museum, where technology enthusiasts could explore historical aeroplanes, space rockets and even a rocket from the moon! 

There are so many different sightseeing attractions that every student could discover their favourite places. We went t Tower Bridge as a small group of students to enjoy the picturesque view at evening, for instance.  On the way there, we saw the illuminated London Eye – an impressive London moment! If you want to see Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben or the Tower of London from a different perspective, you should take a boat trip on the Thames, like many of our classmates did. Another famous event the students were able to experience was Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, a historical ritual in which a marching band can be heard. Another place the students enjoyed was China Town. Additionally to the popular decorations, China Town also offers tasty food and gives an insight into the East Asian community.

Above all, students benefitted from new and interesting impressions during a school trip in many ways. The fifth graders expand their command of English, explored London, and contacted other cultures and different live styles. It is moments like these that we will always remember.